Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a new connection-oriented communications service. It gives customers high-speed, low delay information transfer capacity.
    MPLS can transport multiple types of traffic (voice, video, data, and image). MPLS is suited for data-intensive business computing applications that require near-real time mixed media communications among multiple locations.


    Key Applications

    • Business computing
    • Scientific computing
    • Multimedia communications
    • Distance learning
    • Data networking
    • Video multimedia conferencing.


    • Reduces network complexity.
    • Increases network performance and capacity.
    • Supports legacy applications and provides for growth.
    • Improves network reliability and security.
  • Business Broadband Internet Access


    Get More Bandwidth: From 1MB to 10GB

    Data@ccess Internet Circuits

    Most companies can benefit from the business class stability, uptime and upload speed of a T1 circuit.  Data@ccess goes beyond finding the best Tier 1 provider in your area when you buy a circuit from us - we monitor your circuit and help you track the status of your installation.  We offer a complete range of dedicated circuits:

    Internet Features and Benefits

    See all the best reasons to choose Data@ccess to meet your data needs. We offer exceptional service, selection and savings.

    Compare Internet Options

    Not sure which circuit will fit your business? Do you know how much Bandwidth you need, or which option will scale with your growth?


    Data@ccess dedicated Internet access aervice (IPdata@ccess) can deliver a reliable and secure Internet connection via Frame Relay, ATM and Private Line DS1/DS3. This business-class service is designed specifically with the needs of today's business in mind. Data@ccess goes beyond just basic Internet connectivity to give your business the security, support and service options that help you transform the Internet into an indispensable business tool. How do we do it?

    Service Reliability via a Four-Fold Redundant Network Infrastructure

    IPdata@ccess is specifically designed for your mission-critical business traffic. The network was built with some of the best components available every step of the way and it was design to provide the only ISP network in Puerto Rico that uses both of the physical infrastructures from the incumvent local exchange carriers . With state-of-the-art advanced network management center we make sure that problems are quickly detected and resolved. And it's all backed by Data@ccess' Business Recovery Center (BRC) located in Caguas.


    • Fault tolerant & robust network architecture
    • Largest capacity Internet backbone gateway in Puerto Rico
    • High availability
    • Secure remote intranet access
    • Outstanding service and user support
    • Capital and operational savings
    • ATM service for scalable, multi-use access at speeds of DS0 up to 155 Mbps OC-3.
    • Private Line DS1/DS3 service at 56 Kbps, up to 45 Mbps
    • Frame Relay Service (FRS), speeds range from 56 Kbps to 1.544 Mbps
    • Transparent Native LAN access at 10 to 100 Mbps
    • ISDN service at speeds up to 128 Kbps, and higher with compression
    • Business Grade SDSL solutions for very high-speed access over standard phone lines

    Additional Services:

    • Managed Firewall Service
    • Onsite Managed Firewall Service
    • Secure Virtual Networking
    • Virtual Private Networking
    • ISDN Remote Access Services
    • Small Business/SOHO SDSL access solution


  • Data Center Services

    Besides providing the most extensive blueprint for any IP platform in Puerto Rico, Data@ccess provides secure collocated rack space at our main site in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and at our secondary site in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Four diferent sites, San Juan, San Juan II, Ponce, Santurce. Our collocated@ccess service consist of a secure rack space facility with access to a temparature controlled environment, redundant true-online power systems, and technical support on a 24X7 basis. Network access facilities are access via Ethernet 100 or Giga speeds depending on application with a maximun of 10GB data transfers per month at a flat monthly charge. Data transfers of 10GB are priced according to volume. ISP Remote Access Equipment available.

    Our Intra-Datacenter Transportation Mechanisms

    Other Services:

    Managed Storage Services

    Profesional Services

    Business Continuity

    Compliance Restore Services
    Standart SAN Project Management Platform Replication
    Premium SAN Engineering Solution Design Data Replication
    Standard Backup Migration and Consolidation Projects Business Continuity Consulting
    Premium Backup (BCV, SNapshots & Tape) Security Consulting and Auditing Disaster Recovery
    Standard Restore Services Security Vulnerability Analysis Workgroup Recovery
    Aplication Restore (eMail,DB) Remote Backup

    Virtualized Services

    LAN & Desktop


    HW Resale and Maintenance
    Virtualized Firewall LAN Management Cabinets, Racks, Cage, Suites, Power
    Virtualized Servers Desktop Management Connectivity (Internet, Leased Circuits, Metro-E)
    Virtualized Storage Remote Desktop Hands & Eyes Services

    Managed Server

    Managed Security Services

    Monitoring & Reporting

    Anti-Virus Server OS
    Manage OS (Linux,Windows,Etc) Managed Firewall Bandwidth Utilization
    Managed Servers (HW) VPN IPsec Security Devices
    Managed Application IDS Applications
    Managed Database IPS Database
    Anti-Spam Performance
  • Customer Premise Solutions

    Our Brands & Partners.

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  • Ethernet


    Transform the Internet to your responsive business machine

    Data@ccess’s extensive fiber network provides a reliable and highly scalable Internet connection.  Plus, our Ethernet interface offers true plug-and-play compatibility with your LAN.  With customizable point-to-point configurations, you can meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications without disrupting your internal customers’ needs.


    Ethernet Dedicated Internet and Private Line have many benefits for your business, including:

    Ease of Use

    Connect your network directly to the Internet with an Ethernet interface and have the ability to quickly and easily add additional bandwidth without the delays of ordering new circuits, upgrading capacity, or purchasing new equipment.  Easily integrates with Data@ccess Ethernet Network Service to provide Internet access to all your locations.


    Transfer data safely and securely over Data@ccess own private network, where your traffic is masked with a unique customer ID.

    High Availability

    Minimize interruptions and keep your business running smoothly.  Data@ccess monitors and supports your Internet service 24/7 through our Customer Management Center.

    Enables Demanding Applications
    Meet the network infrastructure demands of bandwidth-intensive applications including storage area network (SAN) connections, mainframe mirroring, or disaster recovery applications.

    Optimized ROI:

    Reduce operating and maintenance costs with lower capital and operational requirements for Internet access.  Provision only the capacity you need today and easily scale your bandwidth when your business demands it.  We take care of implementing technology upgrades while you focus on your core business.

    Minimized Risk

    Deliver high-speed Internet access to your internal customer’s on-time and on-budget.  Data@ccess handles everything from initial network design to ongoing maintenance and support for a fixed price.  Deliver networking capabilities to your internal customer’s on-time and on-budget.  We handle everything from network design to maintenance and support for a fixed price.

    Data@ccess Ethernet Dedicated Internet Features:

    • Tailored Bandwidth: Symmetrical dedicated Internet bandwidth configurable from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.
    • Domain Name System: Includes primary and secondary DNS service. Assistance provided to transfer existing domain names
    • BGP Routing Protocol (optional): Supports multihoming with load balancing for faster, more efficient routing between networks
    • Web-Based Reporting: Connectivity statistics with daily, seven-day, and 30-day reports viewed through our secure Web portal

    Data@ccess Private Line Features:

    • Dedicated Connectivity: Dedicated layer-2 capacity between your locations
    • Self-Healing Site Protection: Optional path and equipment redundancy can be provided for added reliability
  • Secure VPN Access

    Data@ccess delivers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the benefits of a Wide Area Network (WAN) for your company without having to spend a fortune in national and international leased lines or data services. Using a secure Firewall solution VPN@ccessä secure gateway to the Internet is designed to give you control over who can access your computer network (LAN) from the outside, and prevent unauthorized access to your business' resources. This combination of access and security technologies allow you to virtually connect sites anywhere in the world using the internet as transport.

  • Video Services


    Commercial Video Data Service (CVDS) is a private network solution for business video and data applications. This network service employs digital fiber optic transmission systems that enable video and integrated high speed data connection between remote business locations.

    • Broadcast quality full motion video
    • CD quality audio, 0,1,2,4 channels/video
    • 1.544 or 45 mbps data channels.


    • Turn-key business solution including design, transmission facilities, and video and data equipment.
    • Modular system components and flexible pricing allow for custom design of integrated video and data applications.
    • High-quality fiber optic transmission facilities deliver full motion, real time, broadcast quality video.
    • System maintenance is included. In the unlikely event service is interrupted, timely repair is also provided.
    • As a network service, initial investment is low. The customer may already have cameras, monitors , microphones and data equipment that can be used with CVDS.
    • Distance Learning, K-12, Post Secondary School
    • Television, Satellite Broadcasting
    • Medical Imaging/Diagnostics
    • Surveillance, Traffic Monitoring
    • Judicial Arraignment
    • Scheduler—Customer control of video channels at remote locations
    • Bridge—Multipoint connection 3 or more sites.

    Video Conferencing Systems

    Videoconferencing is a group oriented application designed for professional and education environments that contributes to the productivity of an organization. Applications can operate in a room-to-room, room-to-desktop, or desktop-to-desktop mode. Solutions are provided through integrated systems where audio, video, codec and compression functions, control and communications are all bundled into a single physical package.

  • Voice + SIP

    Today, VoIP services are becoming more popular among corporate establishments, business houses, and contact centers, as it enables them to have access to the next generation telephony without any hassle.  The fact that these services reduce communication costs and increases productivity is well documented.  In addition to these inherent benefits, the corporate houses can also enjoy flexibility and scalability accompanied with data security.  Moreover, the Internet based telephony services and solutions guarantee excellent call quality even in hybrid network environments.

    Unlike PSTN services, VoIP supports services across multiple sites, as these services are backed with the customer unique numbers and area codes of the customer's choice.  This capability can be used for forwarding of voice mails or transfer of the calls to almost anywhere using private dial plans.  Organisations having branches in different locations can make the most of this feature.  The IP technology would create the connecting links to their branch offices located across the globe and that too at the significantly low costs.

    The users do not require to install, invest or maintain the IP infrastructure of their own.  All that they would need is a broadband speed Internet connection and they are done.  With a VoIP business service in place, the corporate clients can concentrate on more important business matters including generating and expanding of their activities.  Therefore, it can be said that the VoIP has change the face of the corporate communication worldwide.

    The contact centers can also benefit from the inherent benefits of these services.  The contact center VoIP solutions provide cost efficiency, as long distance or ISD calls are made at significantly lower rates.  Moreover, these services in the call center deliver seamless connectivity, globally.  Some common benefits that corporate establishments, business houses as well as contact centers can enjoy are:

    1.The IP solutions and services are backed with the real time monitoring of calls.  Therefore the users can enjoy the parameter of efficiency in implementation of their services without any latency.

    2.The Internet telephony services & VoIP solutions help the users to expand their employees' shift according to their needs.  Therefore, depending upon the time preferences, the employees can opt for their desired shift without any problem.

    3.The best part of the voice over IP services is that these require less capital investment on infrastructure compared to PSTN solutions.  The corporate clients would require specialized products and services that are available at minimal rates.

    To conclude, it can be said that corporate VoIP solutions and services are considered as perfect applications for lowering down the communication costs.  Moreover, the business users feel an essence of ease and comfort while using such solutions or services.


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